Size Chart


Triangle TOP SIZES molded bra cup SIZES BOTTOM SIZES-bumwithHIP BONE
XXSmall  A         XX-Small bum 32"-33"   XXS-Small 29"-30"
X-Small A-B   X-Small 32-B   X-Small bum 34-35"   X-Small 31"-32"
Small B-C   Small 32-C, 34-B,   Small bum 36-37"   Small 33-34"
Medium C-D-DD   Medium 34-C,32-D   Medium bum 38-39"   Medium 35"-36"
Large DD- smallE         Large bum 40-42"   Large 37"and up

Please be aware that a suit might fit you differently then shown on a model. Product shots are there to give you an idea about the style/cut not the fit. As you know even between two people who have the same measurements fit can be different depending on their body shape.

Please read our FAQ regarding any question you may have prior to placing an order or contact Mayra at

Estimated Regular triangle top measurements:

What triangle top size you need depends on a few things, like your ribcage measurements or if you have natural breast or implants and how much coverage you like. Please measure one of your own triangle tops laid down flat, relaxed as shown on picture. If you getting a crystal bikini please take it into consideration that fully encrusted suits dont stretch.

XXS triangle: 5.5" long and 5.5" at the bottom.

XS triangle: 6" long and 6" wide at the bottom.

S triangle: 6.5" long and 6.5" wide at the bottom.

M triangle: 7" long and 7" wide at the bottom.

L triangle: 7.5" long and 7.5" wide at the bottom

XL triangle 8" long 8" wide at the bottom. (available upon request)

XXL triangle 8.5" long 8.5" wide at the bottom.(available upon request)

These measurements may very a bit depending on fabric stretch.

BOTTOM SIZES ARE ADJUSTED ACCORDING TO MEASUREMENTS you provide!If you have any questions about sizing please contact Mayra before ordering to determine your perfect fit.


1-Hip or bum (the widest part of your bum)

2-hip bone (the line where the bikini connectors lie on your hip bone)

3-waist (at your belly botton)

4-ribcage (where the bra straps are under your breast)

5-bra size (Specify:natural/implants) and bust line

Please measure around your body not side to side.