First established in 2005. Located in Toronto, Canada.

Mayra Designs are individually crafted with the most care and some are customized to your specifications. We don't keep a stockroom, we don't mass produce and we don't have a store location. Mayra Designs are only available from our on line catalogue. Sizes are adjusted according to your measurements. CRYSTALS used on our designs are first grade Preciosa. You can request your suit to be done with Swarovski crystals for a higher price range.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Is your pricing in USD$ or CAN$?
We are a Canadian Company based in Toronto. Our pricing is shown in Canadian dollars. Please consider currency exchange when thinking about purchasing from us. You will be pleasantly surprised how affordable we are considering other USA based companies.

1, When should I place my order for a competition suit?
We recommend to have your order in at least 6 weeks prior to your show or earlier depending on your location. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks to have your custom suit made then it ships out.

2, I'll lose a lot of weight before my show, how do I know what size to order? How does this work?
We will use your current measurements along with the anticipated weight loss until your show date to make your suit fit perfect. If you are in doubt you can also put your order in as early as 3 months prior to your show to secure your suit and put a hold on it until 6 weeks prior to your show when we custom make it to your current measurements. For this option please contact Mayra.

3,What if my suit doesn't fit me?
Your bikini should be small when you receive it. Remember your show is still weeks away and your body will change. If the top feels small, remove the padding that will allow the fabric to stretch more, if it feels a bit bigger you can add more padding like a silicon insert and you can also scrunch it more at the sides as well.The bottom should feel a bit snug. They however come with an extra fabric in the back where the connectors are attached so it is easily adjusted (taken in or let out) by your local seamstress if you need it.

4, I ordered my bikini but decided not to compete, can I cancel my order and get a refund?
Unfortunately no. All competition bikinis are custom made to order and adjusted to your specifications.Once the suit is in production we can not offer a refund. Please make sure you double check on everything with your coach and be confident about your fabric, connectors, style and cut before you place the order. Please see our Company Policy for more details.

5, Got my bikini but I don't like how the color and/or style fits on my body, what should I do?
If you have no experience buying custom bikinis online, please make sure you stick with a basic style like a triangle top and a color you know will look good on you. All bikinis are custom made for your measurements and such we don't offer refunds. Please make sure you double check on everything with your coach and be confident about your fabric, connectors, style and cut before you place the order. Please see our Company Policy for more details.

6, How do I get a custom bikini?
You can customize a bikini to your liking from our Build Your Own Bikini section. Product shots are showing you the style of the suit. You can choose your color, connector and bikini size to have that style custom made just for you within the given options from the drop down menu.Please be aware that the suit might fit you differently then shown on a model. Product shots are there to give you an idea about the style/cut not the fit. As you know even between two people who have the same measurements fit can be different depending on their shape.

7, Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. Please see our Company Policy for more details on international shipments and possible custom delays and charges.

8, How do I know what cut to get?
This depends on the size and shape of your glutes and how revealing you want your suit to be. The most popular cut  for competitors is the brazilian cheeky cut. If you are competing with a federation that requires 50% coverage go with the Mid coverage cheeky. Make sure you are aware of your show requirements regarding your suit before you place an order. You can look it up on their website or contact your show organizers for details.

9, Bikini front cut, standard versus less coverage?
If you would like your comp suit to be a bit smaller/lower and sexier in the front you have the option for less coverage.

10, Can I do a crystal back connector?
Yes you can add crystal back connectors to any of the suits for an extra charge of CAN$35.00. You will find the option under our "Extras" menu to add to your cart before check out. We will need your ribcage measurements with this option. You can also have chain back connectors with your suit. Please see our "Extras" for this option.

11, What is more adjustable hook or ties?
All bikini tops come standard with a back tie, that is the most adjustable. If you would like to add a bra hook to the back strap of your bikini, you need to add it to your cart before check out.You will find it under our "Extras" menu. It is CAN$2.50  We will need your ribcage measurements with it. This option will allow about an inch adjustment. If you loose too much weight and need it tighter a local seamstress will be able to fix it for you with no problem.  

12, My bikini strings are too long, what should I do?
Bikini ties might feel a bit long for some of you depending on your height and ribcage measurements. You can simply cut it shorter and put a knot at the end, metallic fabric won't fray.

13,Does padding come with my suit?
Yes there is a basic triangle insert complimentary with each suit. All competition bikini triangle tops also come with a pocket so you can remove or add more padding like a silicon insert or push up pads if you need it.

14, Fixed triangle tops with padding.
There is an option for a foam padding sewn into your crystal studded triangle tops. This is an extra CAN$40.00. You will find it under our "Extras" menu to add it to your cart before check out. Foam padded triangle tops are fixed, which means the strings don't slide. It holds your breast firmly and offer the most push-up affect to give you a better cleavage.  

15, Sliding triangle tops
Bikinis come standard with a sliding triangle top. This allows the most adjustment. The strings move in a channel under your breast so you can decide how much coverage you need. If your triangle top feels a bit on a smaller side remove the padding that will help the fabric to stretch more and give you a better fit and you can also scrunch the sides a bit more or less.For a special request we can sew the triangle down closest to the center connector which helps to create a better cleavage. Please make a note when placing the order.

16, Underwire push up bras
Our hard molded bra cup come in limited sizes from 32-A to 34/D

17, Do you sell rhinestone connectors separately?
Unfortunately we don't. Rhinestone connectors are only available with our bikini orders.

18, Do you send out fabric samples?
Yes we do. It is an extra charge of CAN$5.00. You can request up to 10 color samples.Taxes and shipping charges apply. You will find this option under "Fabric Samples"

19, Can I practice posing in my bikini?
If your bikini feels a bit small on you when you receive it because you still have a couple of weeks to go until your show we recommend to practice in your regular bikini so you don't damage your comp suit. If it fits you well and you don't anticipate anymore weight loss then yes you can practice in it at your own risk. Please be gentle when you put it on and take it off.

20, I've lost a couple of crystals from my suit, is that normal?
Yes, a couple of stones will fall off thats totally normal. You will receive some extra crystals with your order to replace them. You can use any clear waterproof fabric glue from your local craft store.

21, How do I clean my competition bikini?
After your show your bikini will have some stains on it from the spray tan.If your suit is encrusted with crystals we recommend using an on the spot stain removal detergent and gently scrub it with a toothbrush from the inside only in the sink. Please DO NOT soak your crystal bikini in water. Sequin and metallic fabrics can be hand washed in a hand warm water with a gentle detergent in the sink. Always hand wash it and put it flat to dry. No washer no dryer. No dryclean.