$50 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card


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Treat your friends, family, associates to the gift of designer swimwear online. Starting at $25, gift cards are a great gift of luxury for your loved ones! Give them a mayracollection.com Gift Certificate.

-Gift cards are not redeemable for cash.
-Gift cards has no expiration date and can be used anytime in our on line store.
-If you are the purchaser, please double-check the delivery email address you enter.It is your responsibility to do so and we can not be held responsible if gift card is used by someone other then your recipient if the email address entered is incorrect.
-In addition, we cannot take responsibility for any gift cards that are lost or used by someone other than your recipient after delivery. Make sure your recipient has received their gift card, as it is their responsibility to keep the card details safe.
-From time to time, gift cards may get caught/flagged by spam filters, and it's up to the recipient to check these filters. We cannot take responsibility if a gift card cannot be delivered to the recipient's email address because of spam filters, firewalls, the capacity of the recipient's mailbox or any other factors outside of our control.